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RCS of New England is your nation-wide source for employee training and compliance. We also offer regionally focused open enrollment seminars in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New York.

We are often asked questions regarding situational and specific DOT, OSHA, EPA, and state-specific hazardous waste regulations. If you are looking for an answer and don’t see it on our website, consider attending one of our seminars or just give us a call! Some of our most frequently asked questions are addressed below.
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If you have questions about CEUs in your State or would like to partner with us to create a custom training program for your employees’ specific needs, send us an email using our online contact form or call (508) 839-0200.

How do RCSNE’s virtual classes work?

Attendees can sign up for open enrollment virtual seminars online with a credit card, or may call our office to enroll. Once enrolled you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to participate in the seminar. Some courses will incorporate printed materials which will be mailed to attendees in advance. For this reason some virtual dates may be closed or marked as full several days ahead of the scheduled seminar date.

Our virtual seminars are live. We encourage attendees to actively participate, ask questions, and share relevant experiences with the group. Our goal is to afford all attendees personal control of their own level of participation, utilizing functions such as microphone un-muting and/or submitting real time text questions to the instructor.

RCSNE will utilize commercially available software such as MS Teams or Zoom for our live, open enrollment virtual seminars. Attendees will need an internet connected device with the software installed, as well as screen, camera, speaker, and microphone capabilities to participate in the seminar. Downloading and using the conferencing software as a participant is free to attendees. RCSNE will utilize a host subscription, but seminar participants will not need a paid software license. No special or extravagant hardware is needed, the built-in capabilities of a laptop, smartphone or tablet are generally sufficient to participate in our seminars. If you would like assistance setting up your conferencing software and/or would like to participate in a test connection before an event, we are always glad to help.

I am a Licensed WWTP operator, LSP, LEP, or TURP. Is this RCSNE class eligible for continuing ed credit with my organization?

RCSNE courses provide technical knowledge which includes but is not limited to US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations and State Hazardous Waste Management Regulations. This practical technical content is applicable to an incredibly vast number of industries, positions, and specialties, and correlates well with many technical accreditation. Continuing education credit is and has been approved in many instances, but such approval and the amount of CEU or TCH credit one may receive varies greatly between sanctioning accreditation organizations. Please contact us with your specific inquiry and we will address your inquiry individually, possibly researching it for you.

How often do I need to update my USDOT Hazardous Material Handler certification?

US DOT regulation 49 CFR 172.704 specifies that DOT Hazardous material handlers must receive training “at least once every three years”. You may receive training more frequently if desired, the most recent training you receive will satisfy the requirement for the next three years following the date of training.

What is the difference between Hazardous Waste Training and US DOT Hazardous Material Handler Training?   Which one do I need?

Whether or not one is required to have documented hazardous waste training is a more complicated question than whether or not one should have such training. A US DOT Hazardous Material may or may not be a Hazardous Waste and in some cases a Hazardous Waste may not be a DOT Hazardous Material. Our DOT Hazardous Material and Hazardous Waste Classes will help you better understand your specific situation and answer your questions.

Our comprehensive and customized seminars will help with two things:

  • Learn what you are required to know
  • Help you foster a more comprehensive understanding of how all of these regulations apply to business.

Nearly all individuals handling Hazardous Materials in commerce are required to be trained in accordance with the US Department of Transportation regulations found in 49 CFR 172. Only some individuals that handle Hazardous Wastes in the course of their employment may be required to have formal documented Hazardous Waste Training.

Determining factors for Hazardous Waste Training include:

  • State in which the employee works
  • Generator status of the employer
  • Type of job the employee performs
  • Type of business the employer is in

Send us an email using our online contact form or call (508) 839-0200

I have a hazardous material endorsement on my commercial driver’s license, is that the same thing as US DOT Hazardous Material Handler Training?  

No, the hazardous materials endorsement on a commercial driver’s license is not the same thing as US DOT Hazardous Material Handler Training. Successful completion of the TSA background check and state specific CDL endorsement test does not satisfy the training requirements specified in 49 CFR 172. In most instances, the operator of a vehicle transporting hazardous materials in commerce will need both a CDL with Hazardous Materials Endorsement and US DOT Hazardous Materials handler training.


I have a number of employees who need certification, and can’t send everyone on the same day. Do you have any options to accommodate this group?

RCS of New England provides many options for businesses and individuals with challenging schedules. We can engage your employees and provide an interesting and educational solution to your training needs.

  • Affordable Custom Private Training Programs: Ideal for a large number of employees, or any size group
  • On-Site Presentations: Convenient for many facilities who have travel limitations
  • Off-Site Seminars: Select from a convenient off-site location and minimize distractions or interruptions
  • Off-Hour Training: Weekends or evenings are no problem, we have found off hours training to be a great solution to busy schedules
  • Custom Programs: Partner with RCS to create carefully selected peer examples and interactive activities which focus on YOUR industry specific practices

Our seminars are scheduled regionally throughout the year. We have held classes in Hartford, CT and central Massachusetts and service the New England region. We have and will continue to add dates to an existing venue if sufficient interest exists.

I do not handle any hazardous waste, and only need the US DOT Hazardous Material Handler Training. Do you offer a class without the hazardous waste content?

At this time, our scheduled open enrollment seminars are structured to cover both of these topics in one comprehensive format, highlighting the common points within both regulatory areas. These open enrollment classes are split into two segments, and attendees are always welcome to attend only that segment which may be relevant to them.
RCSNE also offers very affordable custom training programs for any size group, which may include only those topics of interest to your organization. Custom training programs  include carefully selected peer examples and interactive activities which focus on YOUR industry specific practices. Drop us a line today to see how we can engage your employees and provide an interesting and educational solution to your training needs.
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