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Course Title:
DOT, EPA, and Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Generator Training
Two-Day Comprehensive Instruction

Duration:  Two consecutive days of eight hours of instruction per day

Topics covered:
US DOT Regulations applicable to Hazardous Material Handlers
EPA statutes and regulations applicable to generators of RCRA Hazardous Waste
Massachusetts statutes and regulations applicable to generators of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Training Course Description

This is a very comprehensive, two day class providing detailed instruction on the following regulations. Attendees will receive instruction on US DOT Hazardous Material shipping regulations found in 49 CFR including an overview of the hazard class designations, bulk and non-bulk labeling requirements, packaging designations and requirements, and other areas of relevance.

EPA hazardous waste regulations found in 40 CFR are discussed, including instruction on how to identify and classify characteristic and listed wastes, associated paperwork for generators including waste profile sheets, land ban restrictions and instruction on the use of a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.

Massachusetts state hazardous waste regulations found in 310 CMR are explored with a concentrated focus on generator requirements. Topics include state waste codes, waste oil, regulated recyclable materials, generator status, accumulation and storage, labeling, and record keeping. Universal waste, household hazardous waste and other common exceptions to these regulations are also discussed.

Who Should Attend Our Hazardous Waste Training?

This two day comprehensive course is very detailed and is ideal for individuals who may be relatively new to these regulations. The content is not structured to be industry specific, and is an excellent source of information for all generators and handlers of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes.

  • CHMM, CIH, or LSP’s looking to broaden their knowledge base on these topics
  • Corporate EH&S Professionals
  • Truck drivers with Hazardous Material CDL Endorsement
  • Drivers of vehicles licensed to transport hazardous waste within Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Hazardous waste Generators
  • Individuals who in the course of commerce, handle DOT hazardous materials, handle RCRA or state hazardous waste, or are involved with paperwork preparation, review or recordkeeping.

Hazardous Material & Waste Generator Certifications

Attendees will be provided with an optional take-home examination to be completed and returned to RCSNE. Individuals whom have attended the instruction and completed and returned the optional examination may receive certification as follows:

  • US DOT Hazardous Material Handler as specified in 49 CFR 172.700
  • Massachusetts DEP Hazardous waste handler training as specified in 310 CMR 30.341, 310 CMR 30.351, or 310 CMR 30.409 if appropriate.
  • This class may be eligible for continuing education credit within numerous associations and organizations. Feel free to call with specific inquiries.

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